Fierce Angel Es Vive Ibiza 10th Anniversary Edition

This week, Fierce Angels released their 10th anniversary compilation of their Es Vive Ibiza series.

I’ve been a huge fan of Fierce Angels over the years, following their every move and, more often than not, promoting them too. The pioneering mind behind it all, Mark Doyle, is a huge inspiration to me personally so I’m always keen to see what he’s been working on, where he’s hedging his bets and showcasing what he believes in and, most the time, I completely agree (with the occasional question mark).

When I received the promo copy of Es Vive Ibiza 10th Anniversary Edition last week, I swiftly unwrapped the cellophane, throwing the first disc into the car hi-fi for a “laid back” drive, expecting a calm collection of lounge house tracks. Needless to say, I was impressed. We’re talking really laid back with the first disc – the first half of the tune selection rarely break a beat – that’s how laid back we’re talking.

It was a pleasure to hear the Afterlife remix of the Afro Medusa‘s classic “Pasilda“, as well as the amazing vocal talents of Fierce regulars Cathi O and Soraya Vivian. Even moreso, finally hearing Bonnie Bailey‘s “Fall Into My Heart” on official release and Peyton‘s “Never Can Say Goodbye” gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing full well how much anticipation has been behind the tracks.

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of disco house so disc two “Fierce Disco” was high on my agenda with this compilation. As expected, another fine collection of tunes to get moods rising.

I was lucky to hear the Bassmonkey‘s remix of Bonnie Bailey‘s “The Little Things” as an early promo (and stuck to my promise of holding it back before this release). It’s exactly how I remember discovering Bonnie’s style, reminiscent of the early Hed Kandi releases when Mark Doyle originally found the lady. I’m loving this track and hope to hear a lot more of it over the coming months. Needless to say, it will be getting my full support on the show.

Other stand out tracks on the Fierce Disco mix include Eric Kupper‘s remix of Melissa Indot‘s “China” and Oxford Hustlers remix of Martin Wright & Angie Brown‘s “Can’t Get To Sleep“, both belting piano house productions.

With the first two discs easily building me up into a crescendo, the final “Afterhours” mix had it’s work cut out to keep me going. Alas, it delivered.

I was actually pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the final mix. I enjoy full-on house music but I’m relatively picky about the tunes I prefer, especially as most tend to sound very samey. It’s safe to say that is not the case with the final Fierce mix of the selection.

The epic production from Erick Morillo, Eddie Thoneick and Shawnee TaylorStronger” kicks everything off in style which smoothly moves into the sublime EchogramWalk In The Sun“. Further delights from John Dahlback, Abel The Kid and Jon Fitz make sure the whole experience reaches it’s full potential.

All in all, I’m really enjoying this compilation. It’s a perfect celebration of the last five years of Es Vive Ibiza, encapsulating exactly what Mr Doyle set out to achieve when he established his baby of a franchise. Fantastic track selection from Mr Doyle – kudos for your style, sir.

Make sure you grab yourself a copy. It’s available to buy on iTunes (£9.99), HMV (£8.99), Amazon (£14.20), (£10.99) and Beatport (£13.47).

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  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful words and always showing relentless love and support towards my career!!! You are a true gem!!!! Massive Hugzzzz!!!!! Lets do our skype interview next week!!! xx

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