Deeply Fierce

Last week, Fierce Angels released a new range to their compilations called Deeply Fierce.

Mark Doyle – the main man behind Fierce Angels – started a similar style of compilations back in his Hed Kandi days which went on to become the successful Stereo Sushi and (well-known) Twisted Disco compilations which just goes to show how desirable this house styles are within the house music scene.

The release of Deeply Fierce also welcomes a slightly different format to the Fierce Angel compilations – the return of two discs. Over the years, Fierce Angel have generally released 3-disc compilations (accept for the occasional A Little Angel teasers). From now on, they’re attempting to focus on quality rather than quantity which should also allow for more frequent releases.

The new disc count also coincides with the new partnership for the record label, now taken under the wings of Strictly Rhythm. Strictly have been working hard over the last five years (almost simultaneously with Fierce Angel) to introduce more independent angles in house music so it’s good to see the two labels recognising the value in each other, working together to distribute quality house through their different channels.

On with the music…

The two discs are split into two distinctive styles – the first a more laid-back deep sound, almost soulful at times; the second taking a more electro-slash-deep direction, almost trance towards the end.

Disc one is definitely more my bag. The first three tracks get you warmed up beautifully with tracks from Tommy Bones, Karin De Ponti and Newland. Things start to take a more uplifting vibe from here on in. Some of my my stand out tracks include “Get Ready” from David Penn, Jabato and DJ Roland Clark (how could that collective get anything wrong?) and Eric Kupper‘s remix of “How To Love” by Peyton, DJ Kolya and Mutaya.

Disc two takes a more sinister look into house music, definitely the darker of the two discs. That’s not to say quality is compromised…

Sidelmann‘s remix of Asle‘s “Thank You” has been on my playlist for month’s now – a fabulous vocal treat with a twisted vibe. With Jean Claude Ades and Sam Obernik‘s “Work Of Art” and “Anthem” from Ruff Loaderz and The Hayman added into the mix, you’d be hard pushed to find a more intensely enjoyable collection of deep house tracks.

It has to be said the track selection is second-to-none. Mark Doyle takes the listener on a thoroughly enjoyable through house music and I think by reducing the compilation down to two discs, it’s allowed the team to focus on track quality. I, for one, welcome this new direction.

Deeply Fierce is available on CD from most retailers including Amazon, HMV, Play and Juno as well as digital download from iTunes and Amazon.

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