Student Artwork Competition

We’re looking for aspiring artists and designers to produce a special guest artwork for a future Funky House Finesse production.

Selected by a panel of judges including featured artists, professional album art designers and One Phat DJ himself, the winning pitch will be featured as the cover artwork for a special one hour compilation mix to coincide with the start of the Ibiza 2011 season.

(All other entries will be featured in a special iTunes Album Digital Booklet and downloadable PDF eBook.)

This is a great opportunity to understand the design process in the music industry, gaining real-world experience with real clients and real briefs.

As part of the project, you will gain inside knowledge from experts in both the music and graphic design industries with useful tips and advice on how to approach your pitch. One Phat DJ will also be available for help and advice along the way, offering expert advice on designing artwork for the digital era as well as connecting you with other experts in design and music.

Your entry should consider the design constraints of producing album art, including the different formats available (CD, Vinyl, Digital) and the dimensions required to fit these formats.

For some ideas and inspiration, you can browse through the archive of artwork produced for Funky House Finesse (also known as the One Phat DJ Podcast) on Flickr.


  1. This competition is only available to school and college students.
  2. All entries need to be submitted by 31st May 2011.

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