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If you’re a fan of the show and want to help keep it going, why not sponsor it?

One of the biggest problems we have with the show is hosting. Hosting doesn’t come free and when we’re serving up thousands of MP3s around the 100MB mark, this quickly adds up to a lot of traffic.

Don’t get me wrong – I love how popular the show has become and I love producing the show. If it wasn’t for all the great feedback I get, the show wouldn’t have made it to it’s 6th year.

However, with the recession hitting everyone hard, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to afford hosting the show.

The kind folks at House Music Podcasts have been serving the show for the last year and done a stirling job. But I know from talking to the guys behind the website that Funky House Finesse is one of the most popular shows and is draining their bandwidth allowance.

Here’s where you come in: we need your help!

If you know of any companies willing to contribute towards the hosting, please get in touch.
Alternatively, you can donate directly towards the hosting via PayPal, by simply clicking the button below.

Anyone who contributes towards the show will be credited appropriately. Small donations will be presented on a dedicated page, larger sponsorships can even opt for a 5 second audio advert on the show.

I know this seems like a desperate plea. Well, it is. But if you don’t ask, you don’t get. I’m sure you don’t want to see the show come to an end so help out.

Spread the word and help keep the show going.

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