New for 2014

This website has gone untouched for almost a year with no new content at all. I decided it was time to tidy a few things up around here with a Spring clean and fresh lick of paint.

The new design is based on The Happy Bit’s free BigFoot theme which is a wonderfully versatile and elegant template to work with. It’s responsive (so works well on your mobile) and supports a number of useful features that I’ll be introducing over time.

I’ve stripped back a lot of the functionality. I was trying to make the site too “corporate” before which is wrong. I’m a person, not a company. I’m a DJ with a lot of stuff online so that is what the content should focus on.

You’ll notice the obligatory Facebook and Twitter boxes are present on every page. That’s where I tend to post a lot of stuff so it makes sense to give it some space.

I’m also planning to start producing more mixes in addition to the regular House Finesse show which is a joint project with Souljackerz.

I’ve started a new series of classic mini-mixes called Blast From The Past. This gives me an opportunity to dig out some old favourites every now and then for a 30 minute blast.  It’s early days so we’ll see how it goes.

The site is sure to evolve over time (as every good website should) so if you notice anything different or out of place, that will be why. Let me know if something looks wrong.

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