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I realised the other day there was no official announcement regarding the new format to the show – so here it is.

The Funky House Finesse podcast is now known as the House Finesse show.

Not much has technically changed: you’ll still get a healthy dose of house music delivered straight to you every month via the podcast. But now you get more DJs delivering it to you.

I’ve now teamed up with Matt Tsang and Stuart Braybrooke, also known as Souljackerz to host the monthly show.

With my baby due tomorrow, I wanted to take a sabbatical so I could spend some time with her/him. I know how addicted the loyal following (including all 900 Facebook fans) are though so this seemed like a suitable solution for everyone: I get a break with my baby, the Souljackerz get to take the reigns and show off their skills, the listeners continue to get their music.

As for the name, we felt the “Funky House” label has been diluted over recent years with the continued introduction of new sub-genres. We’ve decided to drop the “funky” from the name but that’s not to mean the music won’t have the funky vibe. Oh no! It just covers our bases better.

To compliment the new format show, we’ve also setup a new, individual House Finesse site to promote the House Finesse brand. All the shows will be published there from now on with the traditional download and track listing links. To make things easy, the podcast link hasn’t changed – you don’t have to do anything in iTunes to continue your free subscription.

Additionally to this, we’ve arranged a stellar line up of guest mixes over the coming months;

To kick things off, Defected DJ Sam Divine will be a guest on the House Finesse 2 show, to be released on Friday 7th September 2012.

I’m not going to give anymore away but let’s just say we’ve got a familiar Hed Kandi DJ lined up plus two of our favourite producer DJs from the last seven years. You will not be disappointed.

Make sure you keep your iTunes subscription active and head on over to the new website for further details. Now, I’m taking a break for several months but will return with some carefully selected tunes just in time Christmas.

House Finessethe finest house music podcast.

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